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Bristol Classic Bike Show February   4th – 5th 2017


                                                                   Another brilliant stand!


                                            Bristol Bike Show – 20th August 2016

August 2016

                                                    Calne Bike Meet – 30th July 2016

calne 2016

                                  Branch Camping weekend 25th June 2016 – visit to cider factory

Branch camping weekend



                                 Branch presentation night – 22nd June 2016

presentation night 2016

                                  International Rally – Rimini, Italy – May 2016

rimini 1

rimini 2

                                     And the one that didn’t make it!

rimini 3

                                    Bristol Classic Bike Show – Rotary theme – February 2016

Bike Show2016



                               Bristol Branch Christmas Meal at Lympey Stoke Hotel January 10th 2016

1000 dpi WP_20160109_21_17_38_Pro-1

                                             Presentation Night 24th June 2015


                                  Cheque presented to ‘Freewheelers’


                                       Rating the bikes


                         Bristol NOC gets award at Bristol Bike Show 2015



The Bristol NOC got the ‘Jeff Clew Endeavour Award’ at the Bristol Classic Bike Show. The theme was ‘ The Continental Caper’, and the stand was made to represent a French cafe and garage,with of course Norton bikes parked outside. The wearing of false mustaches was compulsory. and French bread,wine and cheese were in good supply.

     Bristol Branch Christmas Meal at Lympey Stoke Hotel January 10th 2015






                                Bath Pageant of Motoring, July 5th 6th 2014


                                   Bristol Branch Presentation night 25th June 2014


Our Annual Presentation night in June, was a great success with good weather, outstanding Nortons, good food and a great atmosphere. Everyone who turned up on a Norton had a free drink, which seemed to put a smile on a few faces as we waited for Malcom, the representative from Prostate Cancer UK, the charity our £300.00 pound donation was being presented too. Malcom turned up on a very fine example of a Triton. I presentated Malcom with a large cheque for £300.00 on behalf of the Bristol Branch of the Norton Owners club, which he gratefully accepted. We then went into the presentation of the best Norton, and everyone became very busy selecting their choice of the best bikes in the catergories on the voting slip.

The best light weight – went to Bob Nicholas for his electra, which was in outstanding condition.

The best single – went to Terry Rogers, for his recently restored 19S.

The best heavyweight – went to Rob Boulton for his very fine example of a Dominator.

The best Commando – went to Garry Gibson for his recently rebuilt bike.

The best Rotary – went to myself Paul Wolf for my Commander.

The best Special – went to Malcom from Prostate Cancer uk for his fine example of a Triton.

The best Member award – went to Mike and Jenny Wills for all the hard work they put in for organising the Christmas dinner each year and looking after our T.shirts and regalia.

Last but not least the Tale of Woe Spanner went to Colin Spence who accepted it graciously for causing GBH to Alan Byrones little Honda.

At the end of the evening, there was a lot of Gremlins about, when Gary Gibson’s best commando, developed a short circuit in the wiring, when he was about to leave the pub and had to travel back to Weston super Mare in the recovering wagon and arrived home at 2 am. Terry Rogers who won best single had problems starting his 19S but we eventually got that going and Bob Presley’s battery went flat on his 650SS but luckily John Holmes had some jump leads and we got that going and for some reason my Commander only fired up on one spark plug, but that too eventually rectified itself.

On behalf of the committee i would like to thank everyone for making the effort to turn up on their Nortons and making the evening a success.

Paul Wolf – Membership Secretary.


                                                     Bristol Branch Continental Caper 22nd/27th May 2014


P1000270      12 members went on 7 bikes to Vannes, in Brittany. Here we are visiting the U boat pens at St Nazaire



                               Bristol Branch at Castle Combe Steam Fair 17th/18th May 2014



Bristol Branch do it again

Best Stand at the Bristol Classic Bike Show.

This is the second year that Bristol Branch have taken the Best Stand prize, this year with a depiction of a Norton dealers in 1963, Perspex windows revealed displays of a 88 Deluxe, and a Navigator, inside the shop current models of the day on one side and older second-hand stock on the other, to give a jam-packed showroom look, all priced for the ’63 period, plenty of offers of purchase came forward none accepted, Neil Shoosmith brought along spares from the Norton owners range and displayed them as the Spares/Parts dept.

Ian Lorams Norton Speedway bike, one of only 4, took the competition/sports first prize at the show, it was displayed as the centrepiece to Bristol Bulldogs speedway petition as they lost their track in ’61 and have battled to get a base on and off since, this was sited at the back of the shop, lots of interest was generated by the stand which buzzed all weekend, another great team effort from the Bristol crew with help from Bournemouth members, thanks to all involved

Bob Presley Sec. Bristol Branch

Bristol Branch NOC win BEST STAND award for second year running at Bristol Classic Bike show Feb 8/9th 2014


Bike Show 2014

                               Christmas Meal Lympey Stoke Hotel 4th January 2014


jan 14 1




Visit to Ian Loram’s 15th September 2013
For a long time now Ian Loram has been asking us as a branch to go down and visit
his new garage with his ‘small’ collection of Norton’s. After fighting tooth and coffin nail with
the planners Ian finally managed to build a very nice double garage to house his bikes. The
last visit we had some 3 or 4 years ago his collection was in his garage next to his house,
he then had some 30 or so bikes all neatly lined up with memorabilia plastered all over the
garage walls. It was clear then he needed a bigger storage area for his museum of Norton’s
so a plot of land was bought, 700 tons of earth moved, a small bungalow sized sextuplet
garage erected and a new home for his collection consecrated.
Some 21 hardy souls visited Ian, some much more hardy than others as out of the
21 only 7 arrived on 6 bikes, Paul Dyer on his Velo, Paul’s brother on a Harley, Bob
Nicholas on his very trusty Electra, Bob Presley 650 Manxman, Bill Hayward on his
Commando, Rob Boulton on his Commander and Roger and Lena Hawley on there
Hinckley Triumph.
The rest of the woosies, including myself although my excuse was a bad knee, turned up in
cars due to a predicted bad weather forcast, call use motorcyclists’ bhaa!
Eric the Viking almost made it by bike but got lost on the way down, an accident diversion
messed up his ‘rhythm’. The diversion meant he approached his rendezvous point with Bob
Presley and Bill Heyward from a different direction, this confused things and Eric not
realising there was a coffe stop carried straight on into the sunrise, a phone call later from
Ian’s confirmed he got home OK but a bit wet. Eric buy some bigger mirrors for you
I could list all of Ian’s bikes, some 52 I think, but I won’t as it might make you want to
top yourselves with envy, suffice to say they are all beautifully presented, kept warm and
dry, Taxed, all ready to go, just add some petrol, check the oil check some nuts and go for
a ride. One nice touch was that all bikes had a matching oil catch tray, Vanessa must be
missing 52 roasting tins from the kitchen……….
Vanessa and Ian both worked very hard on the day as food was provided, Chilli con Carney
and rice, Jacket spuds, beans and quiche a real feast for all plus some very nice apple and
blackcurrant crumble for afters.
Everyone departed at about 2pm as Ian was working at 3pm, on a Sunday no peace
for the wicked then, all arrived home dry, those in cars, and wet, those on bikes. A good
day had by all and a very big thank you to Ian and Vanessa for their hospitality.
Tony L


Bristol Branch 50th Anniversary rally at Keynsham Rugby Club 21st/22nd/23rd June 2013

Bristol Branch – 50th Anniversary…..

The History bit:….

The Inaugural meeting of the Bristol Branch of the Norton Owners Club took place on the 18th March 1963 at The Old Duke in King St (now a Jazz venue). The guys & girls had been meeting up long before then, but that day they chose to become ‘official’.

We still have a member on the books (Pete Wright) who was present at that meeting.

As you may have read elsewhere, Bristol were 3rd to sign up – following London (South) & Birmingham. The original ‘branch’ was London, in Eric Olivers shop basement and they formed in 1959. We are lucky enough to have a member on the books (Eric Cox) who was present at that very first meeting.

About us now…

            We have met every Weds since then. I joined in 1978 when we met at the Bristol Dairies Club in Stapleton Rd, under the steerage of Chris and Marilyn Holder. Shortly thereafter we moved to The Bull at Crews Hole Rd – which became our home for nearly 30 years.Frank Parkhouse became Secretary shortly after, and together with his wife Julie, they enthusiastically ran the Branch for many years!

            After a short unsettled period, we have moved to Shortwood at The Bridge Inn. Some grumbles about this as it’s over on the far side of town for some of our folk, whereas for others (me) it’s a short hop down the ring road. Sometimes I even manage to get into 3rd!

The 50th Anniversary Rally….

            To celebrate our Anniversary, we chose to run a Rally, to which we would invite old and new members – and the rest of the NOC as well.

            At one point, the bookings looked a bit touch and go, but the Committee held its nerve and it all came good in the end. We had about 75 attendees, the weather was great except Sat evening for our BBQ (but we were ready for it) . The BBQ was under cover, as the weather forecast had been Dire! The outdoor seating was all under cover as well, so it all went well.

            The Poker Run was a great success – with a top prize of £50 falling to Alan Byrom with a hand of 3Q(ueens). The usual silly games in the late afternoon secured a win for your author in the ‘Stop-Start’ section on his beloved Navigator.

            Our own Martin Treasure, as a member of a Boy Band call Parfanon, kept us entertained in the bar in the evening– who needed the Stones at Glasto?

            Keynsham Rugby Club is a great venue & did us proud. Thank you all who came – hope you had a good time.


Best Commando: Sandy Johnson

Best Heavyweight:

Best Single:

Best Rotary:

Best Lightweight:

Best Special:

Furthest Travelled: Bassendale on their Original Atlas

Tug of War:

Slow Riding:

Egg-&-Spoon race: Dominic Loram & ?

Stop-Start: Andy Sochanik:

Crank Throwing: Dominic Loram

Welly Wanging:


Jun 2013

Presentation Evening June 18th 2013

The Bridge Inn was a buzz of life on June 18th for the Presentation evening, bikes arrived from 7:00pm onwards and what an array, Commandos as always in good numbers but a splattering of singles, Dommies , Rotaries,and a couple of Cammies Andy Bawden on his Combie dog holding down on the righthanders and Eric Cox’s much travelled 650ss, (it only needs another 40,000 and its clocked a half million miles), Alan Elstob brought the Es2 which has shouldered more vocal abuse than any other bike at the evening having a been accused of AJS and Matchless blood in its parentage, it still sounded wonderful. Our chairman Chris Davis showed true spirit with the ‘Tale of Woe’ award he received for the oil slick forever England on a French highway, as he attended repairs to his dickie alternator. Dave Harding was there on his very unusual Es2 special, not many around in cream and brown with brass bright work, and Gordon Nicholls brought one of the superb De-luxe Dommies he’s restored, looked far to good to be ridden, took the heavyweight prize with it. Rob Boulton’s gleaming Rotary Commander was a joy to see; showroom standard, and Colin Spence rode the pick of the lightweights. Paul Dyer rode off with the Singles prize, but the excitement got to me and I failed to record the Commando winner, the bike I remember as an outstanding Red bike nothing to fault, it was lovely, but full apologies to its owner for missing your name. I was very proud to receive the Best Member award, Cheers.
Special award of a polo shirt with his name and founder member on, went to Eric Cox who as an attendee at the first meeting of the NOC and a branch member from its beginnings, has as much NOC history behind him as its possible to get, we are proud to number him amongst us.
All who arrived on a Norton were presented with a free drink and the presentation polo shirts were handed out, completing a excellent get-together, lots of old friends had plenty of reminiscences to share, and good to see so many ladies there.
Special thanks to the Bridge Inn for having us, and their customers for making space for us, in the carpark.
Lets try to keep turnouts for club nights as interesting as this, come along any Wednesday to the Bridge Inn meet old friends enjoy a drink and some lively chat.
Bob Presley, Secretary.

Continental Caper 20013


On the 30th May Alan S, Gordon and Julie, Paul W, Bob G and Mandy and Chris D went to the Norton International rally in France, On the way we visited Dijon and went to the ‘ Coupe De Legend’ at the race circuit. We went on to Annecy for a few days and toured some of the Alps. Then we went to the International Rally, altogether covering 1500 miles in just over a week.



Branch Camping Weekend -3rd /5th May 2013 near Lymington in the New Forest







 The usual culprits at the camp site


Parked at Sammy Miller’s museum

Bristol Branch NOC win best stand at Bristol Bike Show 16th/17th February 2013

bike show

Very pleased to announce that our club got the best stand award at the Bristol Classic Bike show. Many thanks to all those who took part and helped.



DSC_1072 (640x424)


Bristol Branch  support the Air Ambulance

On March 16th 2013 Bristol Branch donated a £300 cheque to Great Western Air Ambulance fund, the monies were the result of an Xmas raffle, at their dinner dance in January.

Gloucester Air Ambulance are trying to replace their aging ex-military craft which is a massive compromise between its intended use and its current use, from which the staff give frontline aid, for a new purpose built craft, at a yearly lease cost of £250,000, so the donation will help toward this total and at a rate of 4 callouts daily on average the quicker its in operation the better.

7 members from the branch attended the award get together, at Filton airfield Bristol, home of Concorde, to see Andy Sochanik hand over the cheque to Vicki Brown, Paramedic, special thanks to Emma Carter, Fundraising co-ordinator.

We wish the team best wishes in their quest to raise the funding, and we will surely be back with help in the future.



Upcoming Events

8:00 pm Club Night @ The Bridge Inn
Club Night @ The Bridge Inn
Dec 13 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Club Night @ The Bridge Inn | United Kingdom
  Club night 8pm – 11pm Bridge Rd, Mangotsfield, Pucklechurch, Bristol, South Gloucestershire BS16 9NG
8:00 pm Club Night @ The Bridge Inn
Club Night @ The Bridge Inn
Dec 20 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Club Night @ The Bridge Inn | United Kingdom
  Club night 8pm – 11pm Bridge Rd, Mangotsfield, Pucklechurch, Bristol, South Gloucestershire BS16 9NG
8:00 pm Club Night @ The Bridge Inn
Club Night @ The Bridge Inn
Dec 27 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Club Night @ The Bridge Inn | United Kingdom
  Club night 8pm – 11pm Bridge Rd, Mangotsfield, Pucklechurch, Bristol, South Gloucestershire BS16 9NG
8:00 pm Club Night @ The Bridge Inn
Club Night @ The Bridge Inn
Jan 3 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Club Night @ The Bridge Inn | United Kingdom
  Club night 8pm – 11pm Bridge Rd, Mangotsfield, Pucklechurch, Bristol, South Gloucestershire BS16 9NG
8:00 pm Club Night @ The Bridge Inn
Club Night @ The Bridge Inn
Jan 10 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Club Night @ The Bridge Inn | United Kingdom
  Club night 8pm – 11pm Bridge Rd, Mangotsfield, Pucklechurch, Bristol, South Gloucestershire BS16 9NG